‘Dwarf dinosaur’ living on prehistoric island unearthed in Transylvania

If you think of Transylvania, you can imagine a place inhabited by vampires and werewolves. You can now also add “dwarf dinosaurs” to this list. A group of researchers recently identified and named a new dinosaur species from the area. Transylvanosaurus platycephalusor “The flat-headed reptile from Transylvania.” And it’s part of a group of dwarf dinosaurs that evolved to be much smaller than their relatives.

T. platycephalus, A member of the Rhabdodontidae family – a group of herbivorous ornithopod dinosaurs – lived as late as about 70 million years ago. Cretaceous period (145 million to 66 million years ago). At this point in Earth’s past, flowering plants – and with them the first pollinators – had evolved, and the ancient ancestors of birds were just beginning to experiment with flight. great super continent pangea it was divided into several smaller continents, and Europe was an archipelago of tropical islands more like present-day Indonesia or the Galapagos.

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