Donald Trump’s NFT Collection Is So Fabulously Ugly That Even His Biggest Fans Are Confused

There are many problems with a new collection of Donald Trump unpretentious tokens (NFTs) – the most important of which is that they are extraordinarily ugly and shadyly managed.

The real estate pariah says, “Hi everybody, this is Donald Trump, I hope he’s your favorite president of all time.” promotional video for the giveaway this makes it look like their eyes are looking funny in different directions, due to the “laser eyes” effect. “Better Lincoln than Washington with an important announcement to make.”

Trump’s biggest ideological allies were alarmed by the fall, which Trump had previously mocked as an “important announcement”.

“Thank God, digital trading cards are here” regiment Ben Shapiro, a leading conservative scholar. “It was really an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.”

Conservative base and file are further delayed by the online release.

“This is one of the most daring things I’ve ever seen,” wrote an observer in the Conservative subreddit. “I hope one of the cards is that Trump jumps the shark.”

With the prominent name “Trump Cards”, the site’s language and outlets seem as if some bottom feeders had explained NFTs to the notorious ex-president in terms of collectible baseball cards – but in fine print, the site selling these digital reproduction notes is DJT’s. not himself.

At the bottom of the homepage, a disclaimer declares that NFT International LLC, the company behind the crash, has no affiliation with Trump, despite repeatedly carrying lousy pictures of the old prez’s likeness. organizations or the 2024 presidential campaign.

Instead, the disclaimer seems to indicate that the person behind the LLC actually paid to use The Donald’s likeness – which is perhaps the only thing sadder than buying a Trump NFT in a bottomed crypto market. In fact, some observers they weren’t even convinced The collections are purely NFTs on a technological level, meaning anyone who buys them is getting a digital-only image with no unique proprietary rights.

As we said above, it is also strikingly unclear who exactly belongs to the project. Aspect digital detectives we found, the company name appears to be a kind of cover with some kind of presence or registration in three separate states. In the site’s FAQ, the mysterious creators of the drop say that “digital trading cards” “have nothing to do with any political campaigns.”

Despite the small-point disclaimer, the creators’ lack of Trump membership may go unnoticed by NFTs’ clearly crypto-ignorant audiences, explained in a Fox News promotional ad with terminology that would be at home. All without mentioning, of course, that the booming blockchain-centric art market has been almost completely destroyed by industry major crashes and burns.

“These are just like baseball cards, but you collect them digitally, on your computer or phone,” says Drop’s site. “All you need to start collecting 1, 10, 20 or 100 is an email address and a credit card. Become part of a new collectors league instantly.”

In addition to owning the digital images themselves, Trump Card recipients will also have access to sweepstakes they enter to win incredible perks, such as a “Miami dinner with Donald Trump” cocktail hour at Mar-A-, according to the site. Group or individual Zoom calls with Lago, DJT and many more weird and sad offers.

The site also promises that if someone buys 45 NFTs – worth about $4500 at $99 each – they’ll be “guaranteed a ticket to dinner” with the man himself. Unsurprisingly, the site doesn’t go into much detail on how to schedule these awards meetings.

Perhaps more comically, the Trump NFT drop doesn’t seem to be going so well for his aides, who expect something bigger than “”.big announcement” would joke. Even a stan account so far gone to blast the former president for posting a “low quality NFT collection video” that “pushes people away” from the cause.

All things considered, the MAGA crowd would be far from ideal consumers for these “Trump Cards” – not when NFTs were in a bull market and especially not now.

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