Disney creates artificial intelligence tool that makes actors look younger or older in video

AI ‘FRAN’ helps disney gamers re-age

Fatal fans of movie franchises may want to see their favorite Hollywood stars on screen again, but few from the internet age might say that stars no longer look the same, meaning they’re getting older.

While these commentators still need to grasp and hopefully fully accept the natural cycle of life when it comes to aging, Disney can help fulfill their vision of getting their favorite screen stars back to their teenage years (or age them to fit the role).

FRAN is a production-ready, aging network and artificial intelligence The tool developed by Disney steps in to save video editors from making Hollywood stars look younger and older on video.

all pictures: ‘ video photosProduction Ready Face Aging for Visual Effects‘ © DisneyResearch|Studios

The Disney research team, consisting of Gaspard Zoss, Prashanth Chandran, Eftychios Sifakis, Markus Gross, Paulo Gotardo and Derek Bradley, presents the first practical, fully automated, production-ready way to re-age faces in video footage. The project stems from the uninterrupted explosion of photorealistic digital re-aging of faces in video, but what the industry has today seems cumbersome and drags down the overall quality of the result.

As the research team explains, loss of face identity, low resolution, and unstable results can be seen throughout the edit. The current workflow requires editors and artists to manually work on video footage frame by frame. They have to play and pause almost every second to touch up the face of the actor or actress. With FRAN, adding and subtracting age from the view of screen stars can magically work in one click.

disney fran re-aging ai
Disney’s AI tool FRAN adds age to people in video

Providing high resolution aging results

Disney Research Studios It trains FRAN by feeding the AI ​​network a dataset of images that contain photo-realistic re-aged ones. The researchers write that FRAN reformulated aging as a simple image-to-image translation task using the U-Net architecture. Therefore, FRAN can produce realistic and sustained re-aging results covering the appearances of people aged 18 to 85 years.

disney fran re-aging ai
Testing Disney’s AI tool FRAN in re-aging a person

In their study, the research team writes that FRAN is the first re-aging system capable of providing high-resolution re-aging results for video, while being temporarily stable. From the video that the research team published with them studyThe FRAN seems to work seamlessly by adding or decreasing the age of the participants as they move their heads or change their facial expressions. The research team adds that freelance perspective, movement, and lighting conditions need to be considered before reaching these conclusions.

Disney’s research team knows there’s still room to tweak and improve with FRAN, but they see the AI ​​tool as a valuable tool that can help the entertainment and advertising spaces. In addition to re-aging screen stars – which can be part of a movie’s synopsis – FRAN comes as a digital assistant for video editors and artists, who now have the ability to download reflash workloads to a few, or even several, hours. minute.

disney fran re-aging ai
Testing the FRAN

disney fran re-aging ai
Disney’s re-aging AI tool FRAN can adjust a person’s age between 18 and 85

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