Dezeen’s top 10 product designs of 2022

A fake avocado, a wearable vibrator for erectile dysfunction, and dual James Turrell perfume bottles are among this year’s most influential product designs, which we summarized as part of our 2022 review.

Over the past 12 months, designers have tackled some of the most pressing issues facing humanity, from pollution and sanitation to the energy crisis.

Still others focused on providing beauty and lightness in the face of ongoing social and environmental crises, such as with a cheeky drive-through office chair from German automaker Volkswagen.

Read on for Dezeen’s top 10 product designs of 2022:

Photo courtesy of Nike

ISPA Link from Nike

The ISPA Link sneakers are made entirely without the use of glue and instead consist of two separate modules: a sock-style upper and a dotted sole with hooks that interlock with matching openings in the fabric.

Held together only by laces and tension, the shoes are designed to be easily disassembled for recycling as part of Nike’s efforts to move to a more closed-loop production system.

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Ecovado by Arina Shokouhi from the best product designs collection of 2022
Courtesy of Arina Shokouhi

Ecovado by Arina Shokouhi

Design graduate Arina Shokouhi has teamed up with food scientist Jack Wallman to develop a more sustainable alternative to avocado, made from local, low-impact ingredients like broad beans, hazelnuts, apples, and rapeseed oil.

The product has a similar flavor profile to real fruit and is packaged in a fake avocado shell made of beeswax – complete with a stone chestnut – in an attempt to discourage people from resource-intensive imported foods.

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Wheeliy 2.0 wheelchair by Quantum
Akihiro Kawauchi’s photo

by Wheeliy 2.0 Quantum

Voted design project of the year at the 2022 Dezeen Awards, Wheeliy 2.0 is a foldable wheelchair that weighs just eight kilograms and offers simple mechanisms to make it easier to move and fold.

The footrest can be lifted in a single motion and the armrests function as a break by pushing down, while the yellow accents help those unfamiliar with wheelchairs to use the design intuitively.

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Two hands using Great Wrap cling film from the 2022 best product designs collection
Shelley Horan’s photo

Big Wrap to Big Wrap

This bioplastic cling film is made from waste potatoes instead of petroleum, creating a product that will decompose in home compost within 180 days while reducing emissions.

“Great Wrap breaks down food and energy for microbes in your compost in the same way as food scraps,” said Julia Kay, co-founder of Great Wrap.

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Lalique perfume bottle
Photo courtesy of Lalique

Lalique perfumes by James Turrell

American artist James Turrell applied his ability to manipulate light on a smaller scale in the form of two perfume vials for French glassmaker Lalique.

The bottles are distinguished by their prismatic shape and subtle color gradients; this refracts light while paying homage to the architecture of Buddhist stupas (domed shrines used to house religious relics).

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Hand holding Tanuto 2, a wearable vibrator for erectile dysfunction by MysteryVibe
Photo courtesy of MysteryVibe

Tenuto 2 by MysteryVibe

This wearable vibrator is designed as a non-pharmaceutical alternative to Viagra, helping those with erectile dysfunction maintain their arousal while simultaneously stimulating their partner during intercourse.

Two flexible “wings” fit snugly at the base of the penis to prevent blood from flowing out, while four integrated motors provide localized vibration therapy to improve circulation and target several erogenous zones.

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A woman wearing a Dyson Zone visor from the list of best product designs of 2022
Photo courtesy of Dyson

Dyson District by Dyson

One of the most viewed design projects at Dezeen this year was Dyson’s controversial Dyson Zone headphones, which combine noise cancellation with a removable visor for air purification to tackle the dual challenges of city noise and pollution.

After five years of research and development, the gadget will go on sale in January, despite the skepticism of various media outlets, with some calling the product “weird” and straight out of a “ditopic sci-fi movie.”

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Solar Blanket by Mireille Steinhage
Photo courtesy of Mireille Steinhage

Solar Blanket by Mireille Steinhage

As the war in Ukraine has caused energy prices to skyrocket and highlights Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas, design graduate Mireille Steinhage has created an affordable and renewable solution to stay warm through the winter in the form of the Solar Blanket.

Made from conductive yarn, the heated blanket is charged using the accompanying solar panel and is designed to sell for less than £10.

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A black Volkswagen office chair from the 2022 collection of best product designs
Courtesy of Volkswagen

Driven office chair from Volkswagen

German automaker Volkswagen has designed a drivable office chair that can travel at speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour, competing with most electric scooters.

The five-wheel prototype comes with seat belts, a touchscreen, a rear view camera, and two pedals that can be used to change direction instead of the steering wheel.

“You can drive, honk and listen to music – you can even signal when entering a meeting room,” the brand said.

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A white toilet from Samsung and Bill Gates
Image courtesy of Samsung

Waterless toilet from Bill Gates and Samsung

Launched by billionaire Bill Gates and South Korean electronics company Samsung, this prototype toilet is dried and incinerated into ash, meaning it can run completely without water.

Meanwhile, the urine is fed through a biological purification system to kill any pathogens and allow it to be fully recycled.

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