Dezeen Showroom’s 10 most popular products of 2022

We have compiled the 10 most viewed products among more than 600 products listed by a number of internationally renowned brands at the Dezeen Showroom in 2022.

The Dezeen Showroom has showcased furniture, lighting and product designs from over 370 well-known companies since its launch in 2020, with this section garnering more than two million page views in 2022 alone.

From kitchen units and playful armchairs to acoustic office partitions and dynamic rugs, here’s a selection of the best performing products featured at the Dezeen Showroom last year:

Small Living Kitchens – islands from Falper

Italian brand Falper now designs kitchens as well as bathrooms, and Small Living Kitchens includes islands aimed at making even the most compact food preparation spaces feel high-end.

Small Living Kitchen islands transfer the elegance and comfort of larger kitchens into compact units with the option to have a variety of built-in appliances as well as a variety of material options.

Small Living Kitchens – learn more about the islands ›

Yum Yum armchair collection by Lapo Ciatti for Opinion Ciatti

Yum Yum armchair collection by Lapo Ciatti for Opinion Ciatti

Designer Lapo Ciatti, founder of Opinion Ciatti, created the Yum Yum seating collection by combining a pouf style chair with a curved wooden backrest.

The armchair is available in three sizes: armchair, extra-wide armchair and two-seater sofa, and has removable covers that can be made from a wide variety of upholstery materials.

Find out more about Yum Yum ›

Wooden and black Zen partitions from Abstracta with wooden slats on the glass exterior

Zen Pod office stand by Staffan Holm for Abstracta

Abstracta collaborated with designer Staffan Holm on the Zen Pod office booth and took cues from Japanese design principles to make the pods a peaceful space to work.

Holm wanted to avoid making the cabins feel isolated by giving them glass walls that hide the curtains and wooden slats to maintain privacy and focus.

Learn more about the Zen Pod ›

Atlante paneling system from L'ottocento

Atlante cuisine by L’Ottocento

Italian brand L’Ottocento worked with design consultancy makethatstudio to create a wood panel system to decorate the walls and hide integrated appliances.

Atlante paneling is made of solid Italian walnut and is suitable for use in kitchens and living areas.

Learn more about Atlante cuisine ›

Wooden 4 p.m. chaise longue in a concrete room by Massproductions

4PM lounge chair by Massproductions

Swedish design company Massproductions has released a lounge chair that provides a comfortable reclining seat without full-length upholstery.

The 4PM lounge chair is made of laminated wood and has a raised footrest that can also be used as a small side table and a removable headrest for added comfort.

Learn more about 16:00 ›

Photo showing a cobalt blue sofa with a yellow ring light on the back

Shaal sofa by Doshi Levien for Arper

Designer Doshi Levien, in collaboration with Italian furniture brand Arper, has designed a modular sofa made up of six key components that can be combined in various layouts.

The Shaal sofa has solid sides with deep, thick cushions that can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics, including textiles and leather.

Learn more about Shaal ›

Big Ganges river rug in basement with stairs

Plastic River rugs by Álvaro Catalán de Ocón for Gan

Spanish company Gan collaborated with designer Álvaro Catalán de Ocón on a collection of four rugs decorated with topographic maps of four global waterways affected by plastic pollution.

Plastic Rivers rugs are handcrafted by artisans from 100 percent recycled PET plastic fiber with a durable, soft base texture similar to wool.

Learn more about Plastic Rivers ›

Ell sink by Agape

Italian bathroom company Agape has launched a standalone iteration of the Ell sink, featuring the same flat sink covered with a grate that blocks the drain.

The Ell sink is supported by a thin cylindrical column and is available in a variety of materials.

Learn more about the hand ›

Red hexagonal Kerastar tiles on the floor of a shoe shop

Kerastar tile collection by Johnson Tiles

British tile brand Johnson Tiles has expanded its floor and wall tile range to include warm-toned orange and red and cool-toned dark gray tiles.

Kerastar tiles are a durable option for high-traffic public areas and come in rectangular, square and hexagonal shapes to create a range of patterns.

Learn more about Kerastar ›

Chair in front of a leafy mosaic wall

Sustainable surfaces by Sustonable

Materials brand Sustonable has created a range of 100 percent recyclable surface coatings suitable for a variety of uses.

Sustainable surfaces are available in a wide variety of patterns, including those that mimic traditional stone building materials.

Learn more about Sustonable surfaces ›

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