Deshaun Watson’s return may be a living nightmare for the Brown family.

I bet the Browns have asked themselves in the deepest corner of their darkest nightmares: Now, quarterback Deshaun Watson is returning from an 11-game suspension resulting from more than two dozen lawsuits detailing graphic accounts of sexual harassment and assault. What if he returns and his on-court game isn’t worth the headaches and moral twists it takes to get him to Cleveland?

While that may sound ludicrous, especially for the three-time Pro Bowler and college national champion who is about to restart his career against the worst team in the NFL, let’s take what we know about player Watson out of the equation for a moment and consider an opinion. From 30,000 feet. Cleveland is paying the richest contract in professional football history for a player who will be suspended 700 days from playing in a regular season game on an offense he never coached against defenses that were stylistically different from when he last played. This is not an attempt to belittle Watson’s past field successes (in fact, he had 33 goals and seven interceptions without DeAndre Hopkins and 112 setter points, knocking down one of the more flimsy arguments against his failing comeback), but Cleveland’s plus/minus list It should be on the list of items that he is willing to deal with while preparing it.

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