Derek Carr’s Ranking Means Las Vegas Raiders Will Finally Move From Senior Quarterback

It looks like the Las Vegas Raiders are finally leaving the franchise quarterback.

Aspect NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport Carr will play for the remaining two games of the season and career substitute Jarrett Stidham will finish the season as a starter, as reported before the team’s game with the San Francisco 49ers. The backup has nothing to do with any existing injury – Carr has everything to do with maintaining his worth as he enters the offseason.

The Raiders are clearly at a crossroads of their team as they discover which direction they’re going. At 6-9, Las Vegas is technically still in the AFC playoff race, but it would be a miracle for them to enter. The fact that they’re mathematically backing up their star quarterback while they’re still alive in the playoff race says everything you need to know.

As the 31-year-old tries to maintain the health of their quarterback, it’s clear the team is heading in a different direction.

Although Carr signed a three-year, $121.5 million contract extension last season, he could be cut for a small salary cap of $5,625 million within three days of the Super Bowl. As ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez noted, his $32.9 million salary for next year and $7.5 million of his salary in 2024 would have been warranted had he been injured. In other words, the Raiders are holding Carr through the final two games of the season to get him moving.

The move is hardly surprising. The Raiders gave Carr nine years to “resurrect” the series. And while many of Las Vegas’ shortcomings stem from the organization itself – they had 11 consecutive losing seasons before Carr’s arrival in 2014 – there’s little doubt that Carr is struggling through the 2022 season. Making matters worse is the fact that Carr struggled despite the addition of arguably the league’s best receiver at Davante Adams.

The reunion of Carr and Adams—college teammates at Fresno State—was supposed to lead the Raiders to emerge as a contender in Josh McDaniels’ first season as head coach. Instead, the Raiders produced a mediocre record after blasting multiple leads throughout the season.

And while defense is a big reason for this, they allow 23.3 points per game, they are 23rd in the standings.rd In the NFL – Carr has struggled heavily this season. The senior quarterback is leading the league with 14 interceptions and ranks 25th.pearl 33 qualified setters according to Pro Football Reference.

While Carr has had its ups and downs for most of his career, he remains one of the most engaging quarterbacks in the league. Three-time Pro Bowl quarterback, once third in MVP voting during the 2016 season, and career averages — Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports points out – puts most of its competitors to shame.

“Subtract Derek Carr’s rookie season (most QBs are overwhelmed and struggling) and their career averages – 25 TD 11 INTs, 4,000 yards, 93.8 passer points, 65 percent complete,” Cowherd said. “Most years he was dealing with a coaching change or an upcoming coaching change. Yeah, I think he would have helped the Jets.”

There won’t be any shortage of trading options for Carr, especially if you take into account that his average annual salary of $40 million over the next three seasons isn’t exactly terrible, placing him in seventh place among current quarterbacks.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Commanders, Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants, New York Jets and Tennessee Titans are among the best possible choices for Carr.

It’s unclear who the Raiders’ next team quarterback will be, but it’s not like he’ll be missing out on options. Tom Brady has been frequently linked to the Raiders due to his relationship with former New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Las Vegas could also target former free agents like Jimmy Garoppolo and Geno Smith.

The Raiders’ failures in recent years are an organizational issue, not Carr’s. But it also became clear that Las Vegas – even after giving Carr all the necessary pieces – was going nowhere as the franchise quarterback.

Leaving Carr will likely be met with a mixed reaction. But it’s a necessary move as the Raiders try to establish an annual playoff contender during the McDaniels era.

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