daniel arsham turns metaverse ‘ares house’ into miami installation

‘house of ares’ connects real world with metaverse

Daniel Arsham and Everyrealm celebrated the opening of Ares House in Miami last week by showcasing a virtual real estate study in a real-world setting. heat virtual universe architecture, the first of its kind, stands as one of thirty three-dimensional designs that make up the members-only real estate community The Row (see designboom coverage) here).

Presented at installation time Miami Art Week 2022 legal and creative collaborators Jayaram with metaverse technology company Everyrealm and creative production partner Future Galerie. With the immersive environment hosted on the metaverse world-building platform Mona, the installation integrates Arsham’s physical work and HAZE’s mirrored infinity space.

setup view | images © every land, jayaram, Future Gallery

daniel arsham returns to miami

Daniel Arsham proposed an IRL metaverse experience that connects the physical and digital worlds by showing the Ares House in Miami’s Design District from December 1-3, 2022. Three-dimensional projection mapping is seamlessly intertwined to showcase a digitally enhanced immersion, a monumental digital structure that evokes an ancient, otherworldly civilization. Visitors are invited to explore the interior and exterior of the Ares House, which surrounds physical installation items, including Arsham-designed furniture and sculptural work, anchoring the viewer while anchoring them at the threshold between physical and digital.

There is a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of different environments in the Metaverse,’ aforementioned artistThere are no limitations on scale, gravity, building codes or material costs. There are no seasons, no change of day or weather..

When creating House of Ares for The Row, I really wanted to push the boundaries in how we perceive and interact with these environments, but still retain the familiar elements. And now, with this installation, we’re able to create this extraterrestrial experience that you can really go through but that won’t actually be fully physically present on this planet..’

house of daniel arsham aressetup view | images © Everyrealm, Jayaram, Future Galerie

larger suggestions of ‘row’

Later in the experience, guests will be transported directly to the metaverse to explore other architectural landmarks designed by renowned artists Misha Kahn, Andrés Reisinger, Alexis Christodoulou, Six N. Five, and the iconic thirty-piece collection of Hard for The Row. Residences composed of one-of-a-kind digital art pieces developed by real estate visionaries Oren & Tal Alexander of Everyrealm and The Alexander Team. In addition to this IRL setup, the project will initially be viewed virtually on the metaverse world building platform. monaa supportive partner of the installation.

house of daniel arsham ares
image © designboom

Designed and produced by Future Galerie with artists zac hall and Adrian Stein In Mona’s immersive setup, HAZE’s large, high-resolution LED displays are used to show an animated ride. An infinity mirror custom-made for this experience creates a kaleidoscope of video content compiled from the Everyrealm/Mona domains. From start to finish, concert-level speakers will enhance the presentation, instantly transporting guests into an all-digital metaverse.
house of daniel arsham ares
setup view | images © Everyrealm, Jayaram, Future Galerie daniel arsham + everyrealm turns virtual 'ares house' into immersive miami installation
setup view | images © Everyrealm, Jayaram, Future Galerie

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