Cubs Sign Sergio Alcantara and Roenis Elias to Second Division Deals

Cubs sign fielder Sergio Alcantara and relaxing Roenis Elias The team briefed reporters on their minor league contracts (including Maddie Lee of the Chicago Sun-Times). Both players receive an invitation to MLB Spring Training.

Alcántara is back for the second time in Chicago. The Cubs claimed to have waived the Tigers in February 2021 and spent the year with the organization. The key-hit infielder played in just over half of MLB competitions that season, making a personal record 255 games. Alcántara finished just .205/.303/.327 with five home runs. Chicago appointed him last March and sold his contract to the Diamondbacks.

For the 2022 campaign, Alcántara cycled back and forth between Arizona and the Padres with waivers. He lost it in May before the Snakes brought him back in July. He spent the year in the desert, but was dropped from the 40-man squad at the end of the season. Being unclaimed on the waiver, he became a minor league free agent.

During parts of its three MLB seasons, Alcántara has a .209/.281/.343 line in 502 trips to plate. It went on strike with a high clip of 26.9%, and reported below-average power generation while often at the bottom of a knee. The 26-year-old has only 25 games of Triple-A experience and put in a fairly light .261/.340/.317 in just under 900 games in Double-A.

While Alcántara has never been a good spiker, he is a respectable and versatile in-court defender. He has plenty of experience in the second, middle and third tiers and is rated favorably in the short stop in the eyes of public defense metrics (albeit with interestingly sub-par scores in the less challenging second and third base positions). Scouts consistently considered him a plus during his time in the minors, even as long-standing questions about his bat point to a good future. He’ll add some familiarity and high-end experience to the Cubs camp and compete for a spot on the bench behind Chicago’s midfield duo team. dansby swan and Nico Hoerner. Alcántara is absent in minor league options, so if he breaks the 40-man roster at any point, he will either have to stay in the majors or be made available to other teams again.

Elías is a seasoned left-hander with episodes of seven MLB campaigns under his belt. A starter for his first few seasons with the Mariners, he has worked primarily outside of bullfighting in recent years. Elías had some success with the Mariners and Nationals in 2018-19, but his career was cut short when his elbow popped and he had to operate on Tommy John in March 2021.

After losing that season due to rehab, he returned to a minor league deal with Seattle in 2022. The 34-year-old briefly returned to the big leagues by training seven times and allowing three rounds over 7 1/3 innings. Elías averaged 93.5 MPH on his fastball in this look. He played most of the season with Seattle’s biggest member in Tacoma and mainly worked as a long-term sidekick. He achieved a 5.12 ERA in 65 innings (nine starters) in 37 games. Although Elías limited walks to a 6.8% clip, it only posted a 19.8% hit percentage.

The veteran, who emerged victorious from Seattle’s mid-season roster, reached minor league free agency at the end of the year. In the spring, Cubs will fight for a bullfight spot while left-handed lacking depth. Brandon Hughes He seems certain of one point, but he is the only left-handed man on the 40-man roster. Elías will fight to play with his non-roster invited friend Eric Stout and possibly a player or two that the Cubs have brought in this off-season.

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