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Crunchyroll recently announced the 2023 Anime Awards categories. Nominations will be announced early next year, followed by a live ceremony hosted by the winners, which will be broadcast live. Sally Amaki and John Kabira On March 4, 2023. Talking about the event in general, Rahul PuriniPresident of Crunchyroll said:

We are excited to celebrate the extraordinary storytelling that has captured the hearts and minds of anime fans around the world. We owe a lot to the creators, artists and producers who made the last year some of the most meaningful moments in global pop culture.

The Anime Awards jury will select the nominees, but then fans will vote for the winners. You can find the full list of judges on Crunchyroll’s site, but they include over 50 anime creatives, tasters, and influencers from around the world. The 2023 Crunchyroll Anime Awards will feature creators, musicians, performances, and pretty much everything we’ve come to expect from award shows. You can find all categories in the long list below. What do you think should be nominated? i will guess Spy x Family, Saw Manand Bleach Thousand Year Blood War all will be on the list

  • The categories to be announced during the Anime Awards live event in Tokyo include:

    • Anime of the Year – This is the series that set the anime standard last year and has risen above the rest. Its compelling story, beautiful artistic execution, unforgettable characters uniquely combine to create a masterpiece that deserves unique recognition. Whether the show was an unexpected hit or met the high expectations of fans, Anime of the Year represents absolute perfection.

    • Best Animated – Here we recognize animes that are visually stunning in the way they bring their stories to life. Regardless of the animation style, these shows offer a visual feast to viewers and immerse them in worlds previously unimaginable.

    • Best Anime Song – This category recognizes a vocalist, instrumental, soloist, duo, group or collaborative recording played in any episode of an anime series. These are songs that get stuck in your head, make you want to accompany them, or give you an explosion of emotions.

    • Best Character Design -. This category celebrates artists who create iconic anime characters or bring a character to life from other sources such as manga or light novels. Thanks to their understanding of design principles, great character designers can tell a story about how someone was drawn, while legendary ones create characters you recognize from their silhouettes.

    • Best Comedy – Whether they catch you off guard with a unique perspective or make the dialogue look like it was crafted by a stand-up comedian, these are shows that make you laugh out loud and hurt you in the end.

    • Best Continuing Series – Sustaining excellence is no small feat, especially when it comes to anime. Given all the creativity, effort, and planning put into a season, his ability to grab a fan’s attention each year is worth celebrating.

    • Best Director – In the words of Hayao Miyazaki, “An anime is a reflection of its director.” Centrally located directors work behind the scenes, conveying their vision and imagination to the animators, making critical decisions and directing the creative aspects of the production.

    • Best Fantasy – Best Fantasy is all about imagination, creativity and a little bit of magic. These shows don’t just take us to other worlds, they create deep, original universes filled with mythical creatures where even the smallest detail is fueled by ideas never thought of before.

    • Best Feature Film – Here we celebrate non-episodic anime with longer run times than a standard episode, whether released in theaters, DVD or online. The best of the best lives up to the exaggeration, and fans wonder how time flies.

    • Best Original Anime – An original anime is not adapted from the source material; It is a completely unique creation. While this itself is a success, these shows also offer a compelling and entertaining story that elevates the title to another level.

    • Best Romance – A great love can melt the heart of even the coldest cynic. These fascinating stories draw us in and remind us of the best part of being alive. These dramas find a way to make you believe in the power of love with their hopeful messages.

    • Best Music – A vital part of an unforgettable anime is the original music composed for it. A well-crafted score adds another dimension of depth and emotion to any scene, with compositions that not only become firmly associated with an anime, but can stand alone as masterpieces of music.

    • Host’s Choice – Crunchyroll has invited a special guest to present an award of their choice to an honorable participant. It is an opportunity to get to know a person, studio, or company for a variety of reasons, such as celebrating a milestone, overcoming something daunting, or achieving something inspiring. NOTE: This winner is determined by the special guest(s).

    • Special Achievement Award – This award serves to recognize an individual, studio or company that has significantly impacted the industry (past or present). Anime wouldn’t be where it is today without their contributions, so this award means achieving legendary status. NOTE: This winner is determined by an industry panel selected by the Crunchyroll team.

  • Additional categories to be announced during Crunchyroll’s global livestream event for fans include:

    • “To Be Protected at All Costs” Character – These are characters who make the world feel like a kinder, more special place. Whether it’s the serious hero who always stands up or the pure-hearted cinnamon roll that keeps a group together, these characters remind us that there are some things in life worth protecting.

    • Best Action – This category awards a show that is action at its core. These titles should leave the audience with their hearts pounding, their palms sweating and everyone gasping at the mind-blowing sequences depicted.

    • Best Drama – These anime convey something important about the human experience. Their knack for building and relieving tension puts fans on the edge of their seats, feeling all their emotions and forcing them to invest deeply in the characters and their stories.

    • Best Ending Sequence – Similar to the opening, an unforgettable ending sequence combines design and music for delight and surprise. Often a place where the art style can be taken in entirely new directions, a great closing sequence allows audiences to hold their breath and savor little moments with a character.

    • Best Main Character – A main character is the face of the series, whether it’s the hero, anti-hero or villain. But it’s not just their personalities or traits that make them loved, it’s their well-developed stories and journeys that make them valuable.

    • Best New Series – With countless new anime being created each year, this category honors featured series and spin-offs. These instant classics have something unique that stunned audiences and eagerly awaited the second season.

    • Best Opening Sequence – A great opening sequence sets the table for the future, thanks to stunning visuals and irresistible music. Whether it sets an interesting mood for an offbeat romantic comedy or sets a dark and serious tone for suspense, a memorable opening has as much creativity and passion as the series it promotes.

    • Best Supporting Character – This category praises the sidekicks as if they were number one. Supporting characters come in all shapes and sizes, but the best among them can shine as bright as their main character counterparts when summoned.

    • Best Voice Actor Performance – Renowned sound artists not only bring additional breath to the design, but also reimagine how a character sounds in a different language. With their tonal dominance and the emotions evoked by their voices, these talented artists add depth by turning anime characters into anime icons. This award will be given to voice actors in Arabic, Castilian, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

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