chi.arch builds zero-wastewater bottling plant at jungle resort in Vietnam

Six senses water bottling plant by chi.arch

Located in an idyllic sanctuary in the Ninh Van Bay forest, the Six Senses Water Bottling Plant is helping to solve the ever-growing problem of plastic waste. Designed by the innovative sustainability initiative Vietnamesebased studio Chi.Arch will produce zero-waste, reusable water bottles for guests and staff at a resort while preserving the local environment and enhancing the country’s image.

hosted in a traditional wood A thatched-roof structure, the property offers an innovative experience in a tranquil natural context where tourists can visit the area and learn more about the processes while they escape. “The project’s image, hidden in the shadow of the forest, is both intimate and novel, leading people to the efficient use of natural resources and the limitation of industrial waste.” notes the design team.

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an innovative process that takes place in a traditional structure

The Six Senses hotel resort has been bottling its own drinking water in onsite reusable glass bottles for over 15 years. This effort to reduce the production of plastic water bottles has prevented about 10,000 plastic bottles per month from entering the facility and eventually ending up in a landfill as waste. Greater commitment to Six Senses’ unified sustainability-focused goals and architectural practices, set Chi.Architects uses traditional and eco-friendly building materials and construction methods throughout the project, from architecture to interior and furniture design. Together these shape the wooden lattice structure, thatched roof and granite concrete floor, while recycled materials such as bottles and forest trees create lights and furniture pieces.

water bottling plant 3

The Water Bottling Plant includes a main area for operations to manufacture pure glass water bottles and a space where visitors can come and learn about the process while experiencing the building and its picturesque natural context. In the lobby area, equipment such as microscopes and large screens display educational content in a small facility. The production area, which is equipped with machinery and production lines, has been designed with hygiene and safety in mind so that the process can be carried out efficiently.

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project information:

name: Six Senses Water Bottling Plant
architectural: Chi.Arch

Location: Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam

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