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President of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim Michael Ouweleen Warner Bros. Since the era of Discovery began, many questions have rightly been asked about the future of animation networks. He spoke to Variety recently about how things have changed and I was really impressed with the way he handled everything.

First of all, the networks are alive and well. Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. While there was much speculation about Cartoon Network’s demise after the decision to merge Animation under one entity, Ouweleen reassured us that they were not only alive and well, but also saying, “We’re very good. More is coming next year than we had this year.” However, some cancellations, like his fate, were inevitable. Tuca and Bertie Adult Swim’s rescue after Netflix canceled it. Although cut, I think Ouweleen has a really good attitude about maintaining good relations with the creators:

I was happy that we were able to give it two more seasons and let this thing develop in front of people… …we are not considering canceling the shows. We should only allocate the money we have in ways we think will make the greatest impact and please the greatest number of people. You want to maintain these creative relationships with people and see what else you can do.

With HBO Max canceling tons of animation projects and basically getting out of the kids and family business, it will be up to Cartoon Network and Adult Swim to fill the void and provide new shows for those who still enjoy animated shows. Ouweleen says her plan to compete with Disney in the kids and family business has been shelved. As a result, the new plan is a return to form for Cartoon Network. This is the most exciting part for me, as Cartoon Network seems to be aiming to return to the kind of programming I had as a kid. Animation that appeals to a wide variety of tastes and audiences, not just children’s programmes. As Ouweleen said,

when i join the network [in 1996], for us it was not a children’s network, it was an animation network… …We said it was psychographic, not demographic. The best animation works on several levels and works for several different viewers at once. And I think that’s where Cartoon Network really comes in.

I think the task for us now is to go back to being the best animation on Cartoon and Adult Swim and serve audiences that are still there, starting with the adult linear.

Quotes like this make sure the network is in the right hands. Animation is a great medium that can be used to tell tons of different stories for everyone, not just kids. points to shows like Ouweleen adventure time as a brand guidepost for the advancing network. Understanding that not only children enjoy animation helps pave the way for more creators and creativity in the field. Ouweleen has been running Cartoon Network long enough to know what animation is, and luckily it now has bigger names like adult animation. Rick and Morty pointing people out to show that animation can be as popular and profitable as live action shows. In his words:

When we stop thinking of Cartoon Network as just living and dying on children’s income, it actually liberates us to do more, and let’s always move forward to what our essence is, namely what the animation art form can do. and create iconic things

This interview with Variety by Ouweleen is very heartening. Not only is the network clearly not going anywhere, but it looks like Cartoon Network will be allowed to be the animation channel that caters to all age groups, as it has always been. I love animation, the kind of stories told through it are great and definitely not meant for kids only. I’m excited to see what comes out of the network in the future.

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