Cake’s Upcoming Electric ATV for Farmers

After completing her BA in Industrial Design at the Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden, Fanny Jonsson stayed on to earn her Master’s degree in Transportation Design. What is his dream state, his master’s thesis – an electric ATV for agriculture that he did for his internship at electric mobility company Cake – led Cake to give him a job to complete the project.

Dubbed the Kibb, it is “an electric all-terrain vehicle that moves gently across terrain, with or without a human driver. The vehicle will always have as little impact as possible and the power and capability needed to the user.”

Jonsson designed the Kibb after seeing a gap in the market. Agriculture requires machinery, and these machines typically require pouring fuel into them. Electric options are few. “Agriculture is one of the industries that contributes the most greenhouse gas emissions in the world. It is slowly killing our soil and hindering healthy growth, so the industry is slowly killing itself at this point. Today, access to non-existent resources is very limited to polluting transportation and machinery.”

The kibb can be used as a mule/transport vehicle with a large flat platform on it. Alternatively, it could be equipped with a seat and handlebars to accommodate a human rider – I imagine these are quick releases although not mentioned on the project page.

“To tackle the various tasks required on a farm or ranch, modularity is an important element throughout the design. Kibb’s modular body will have different attachment points to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of ATV accessories. At the same time, it will allow the farmer to perform daily tasks related to regenerative agricultural life. It acts as a mobile powerhouse that provides a new best friend to fulfill.”

The description says “With its level of autonomy, Kibb can do many tasks by itself”, but they don’t reveal use cases. “This can save time for the user to do tasks on the farm or farm where supervision is required.”

The project impressed Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE. “The result of Fanny’s thesis was not only an incredible achievement, but also such an impressive reflection of core CAKE values ​​that it was impossible not to make Kibb a reality.”

“When I started creating the concept, I had real-world challenges in mind and researched extensively where the potential was most unlocked in the market,” Jonsson writes. “Starting from the core and combining CAKE DNA with a new vehicle type was really exciting, and now it’s both an honor and a great tool as CAKE will continue to develop Kibb and give everyone the opportunity to follow the progress from my drawings and concept to reality.” taking zero-emissions, renewable agriculture to the next level.”

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