Brixton Academy: Four struggling for life after crowd ‘crushed’ in front of Asake concert

Four people are in critical condition and four others have been hospitalized after they suspiciously fell in love at a concert in south London.

Police have launched an urgent investigation into what happened at Brixton O2 Academy after receiving reports of multiple attempts to break in.

Emergency services rushed to the scene and found numerous people with “injuries believed to have been caused by crushing” on Thursday night.

In the images on social media, there were clashes with the crowd gathered outside the scene and the police.

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Nigerian Afrobeats artist Asake’s concert was canceled due to the incident.

In a clip believed to be from last night’s concert, the singer and songwriter was seen on stage saying that he had to end his show because it was ‘lousy’ outside. “”I do not know the reason. Not me,” she said.

Metropolitan Police said they were called to the scene on Stockwell Road at around 9:35 p.m. after reports that the crowd was trying to break in.

8 people were hospitalized. Police said four people were seriously injured.

Crowds gathered around Brixton O2 academy

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Crowds gathered around Brixton O2 academy


Two other people with minor injuries were treated by the ambulance service at the scene, according to the Met.

No arrests were made in the early hours of Friday morning. Detectives launched an urgent investigation and cordoned off around the O2 Academy in Brixton.

“This is an extremely distressing event that has resulted in four people becoming critically ill in hospital,” said Ade Adelekan, Gold Commander of the Met Police. “My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families.”

He said: “A police investigation has been launched and it will be as thorough and forensic as necessary to reveal exactly what happened last night.

“The crime scene will be investigated by expert officers, CCTV will be screened, every witness we can come into contact with will be spoken to, and all other lines of investigation will be monitored.”

Adelekan said, “I am aware that videos are shared on social media. I ask people to be sensible about their posts and not to post material that will upset those affected by this incident.

“When force is used by police officers, these officers know that they must be held accountable for their actions. The Met’s Office of Occupational Standards will review all material, including Body Worn Video footage, from officers at the crime scene.

“Concerning that a clip has been widely shared, I can confirm that no police dogs have been deployed to the area.”

Witnesses who have not yet spoken to the police are requested to call 101 ref 6725/15Dec. Anyone with cell phone footage that could assist the police is also urged to contact @MetCC on Twitter.

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