Boxing Day’s Best Robot Vacuum Deals 2022: Best Live Deals in Australia




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What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas (26 December) and is a public holiday in Australia. The Boxing Day Sale has been a thing in Australia since the 1980s. It was a chance for retailers to quickly sell off their surplus inventory from the Christmas season, and traditionally a trip to the city included hours of queuing and navigating large crowds. Luckily, these days you can save yourself a trip and snag some great Christmas deals online.

When is Boxing Day in 2022?

Boxing Day falls on Monday, December 26, the day after Christmas (December 25). However, early deals start popping up during this week leading up to Christmas and stay online the following week. For example, Amazon Australia’s early Boxing Day deals have already started.

What are the best items to buy on Boxing Day?

The Boxing Day Sale is a great time to get big discounts on big-ticket items like laptops, Hi-Fi, consoles, and TVs. Online tech retailers will be out of stock to make room for the 2023 season, so keep an eye out for stores like Amazon(opens in a new tab), Good Guys, Bing Lee and Ebay. In addition, it is especially worth paying attention to the following products:

  • robot vacuums: If you’re here now, then you’re clearly after a good robot vacuum. The standout deals above are some of the best we’ve seen on robot vacuums all year—especially at two big brands: Ecovacs and iRobot. You won’t find lower prices on these top devices until at least next Black Friday, so if you’re looking for robotic cleaning of floors this year, it’s worth getting one now!

But Christmas Day is also a great time to get a variety of tech and general consumer goods cheap. We’ve outlined some of the best products to buy below, but don’t forget to also check out our guide to the best Boxing Day deals we’ve spotted so far.

  • home appliances: Expect tech and white goods retailers like The Good Guys and Bing Lee to spike this Boxing Day and bring prices down on nearly all stocks. That means it’s time to find good deals on large items like refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, as well as small items like kettles, toasters, and more.

  • game consolesConsole availability in Australia has been a challenge over the past few years, but things have definitely improved in the last few months with PS5s and Xbox Series Xs readily available at Amazon and game retailers. Boxing Day will undoubtedly bring great deals on console accessories and games, and even consoles if we’re lucky!

  • smart phones: Amazon is offering some pretty impressive deals on smartphones all year long, and some of those prices will be even lower for Next Christmas.

  • Toys: While most optional toys will be out of stock by Christmas, the leftovers will be snatched up! We recommend checking out Amazon for the best Lego deals, especially for the very popular Star Wars and Harry Potter sets.

  • televisions: We expect all leading retailers to offer some great deals on leftover TV stock from top brands like Samsung, Hisense, Sony, LG and Panasonic. It’s worth shopping for the best TV deals, but you’ll probably have the best luck at The Good Guys, Bing Lee or Kogan.

  • Security and VPNs: Following the recent Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals, security companies will again lower Boxing Day prices, especially for Australians. If you need to refresh your cybersecurity or VPN for the next year, now is the time.

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