Billy Bertrand History: Semaine in Chiffres


Bienvenue à La Semaine en CHiffres. Invariably, the je mets de l’avant trois statistic describes the success and rates of the formation of courses on the second days of September.

Cette semaine: Des revirements coûteux continues to marquer la betaille pour l’enclave and Cole Caufield

However, 10-second dance harmonies suitable for a review

A child and inexperienced experience can cause you to overcome mistakes, which is a serious challenge to fill the CH Cette season. Des 13 buts qu’ils ont cette semaines, 8 sont survenus dans les 10 seces suivant an revirement. Et ce n’est pas, a unique cas in a particular semaine, is a trend you will observe this season’s debut.

Seouls les Blues and les Blue Jackets are a fait accompli in Montréal cette année. In the end, it’s enough to review half of all the pieces according to the season of the Tricolore cette.

The Canadiens are having an exciting and fast season, what a fait aucun doute. In contrast, error-related but self-controllability is a chance to avoid a positive plug for the moment. A delimiter of revisions with a priority number for Martin St-Louis.

Differences in L’enclave du CH

One of the added advantages of reporting hockey matches is their ability to control the enclaves and enclaves in patinoire, the easiest way for the LNH to be in a communal setting. 75% of the environment is in the most outdoor mood in the marqués marqués la Glace on the LNH, so it makes sense to avoid the all-important advantage.

Since the first start of the season, to report a difficult situation for CH, bataille and ce fut encore le cas cette semaine. Montréal a accordion plus enclave tirs en lors de chacun de leurs in triple matches, to combine 22 months in a different way.

He particularly dominates in matches played against Montreal, Seattle and Los Angeles. Against Kraken, he had a 17-6 advantage in Seattle and a 13-6 victory in Los Angeles. For the season, catch Ducks in harmony and equal with Montréal. A tough fight at Jake Allen and Samuel Montembeault poses a hurdle to quality soil after air.

But pour Cole Caufield

After the negative statistics, it ends on a good note in a flash of Cole Caufield’s performance. The Canadiens’ French French tire is a filet-loving treasure in half-time matches, including an impossible angle presque against the Kings. Session 16, but sessions 12 and 12, surrounded the LNH and in the next step total qu’il sept du seulement.

Caufield fait feu à volonté et il domine le CH is in the dance plusieurs clés categories. In 172 of the tents, Caufield helped get the organization active as it failed to reach the plateau in season 100. Voice 36 is a double joint reception alongside the US, with the exception of Mike Hoffman (21).

Ce volume est stimulating, mais encore plus impression est la constance don’t il fait preuve. Meilleurs annes marqueurs des dernières années pours Montréal nous over entrecoupés and bursting bursts over the usual long periods. Caufield, Lui, n’a toujours pasé plus de trois have no problem eating fillets in season. Neuf matches without points.

Caufield has made 103 appearances in 43 games in a career, doubling replays in 2019.

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