Banana Orchard by Fernando Menis takes over old oil tank in Spain

A green oasis of banana trees by Menis Arquitectos

A new banana tree garden designed by Menis Arquitectos adorns the El Tanque Cultural Site, a former oil depot. Canary Islands. The green oasis recalls the agricultural history of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where Spain’s first refinery was built. In 1995, Ms. Dulce Xerach Pérez, Member of the Cultural and Historical Heritage Council of the island government of Tenerife, supported the idea of ​​keeping one of her large containers. Architect Fernando Menis undertook the transformation of El Tanque, which was listed as a protected cultural heritage site in 2014, into a cultural venue. El Tanque celebrates its 25th anniversary this year ecological landscape designIt was created by the same architect.

This lush project provides the Cabo Llanos neighborhood with its first green public space. The new garden of banana trees, which also includes other Canarian species, reflects the pre-industrial agricultural landscape and creates a place where different eras, cultures and sensitivities coexist, shaping the identity of the region. Meanwhile, design team He created lighting and furniture items made from waste materials such as old diving bottles that were recycled and modified for new use.

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exuberant subtropical vegetation celebrates El Tanque

architects He marked the periphery of El Tanque with vibrant subtropical vegetation as a reminder of the agricultural activities that once existed in this region. Coinciding with its 25th anniversary, Association Amigos del Tanque supported the creation of a garden to occupy its surroundings, restoring both a trace of its industrial past and a memory lost from the city at the beginning of its agricultural history. 20th century.

With a diameter of 50 meters and a height of about 20 meters, the El Tanque Cultural Site takes the form of a huge container for the refining and storage of crude oil, which has served for many years. Once converted into a cultural site, it essentially retained its original exterior and interior appearance, with minimal architectural intervention by recycling and combining scrap materials.

The new banana garden of the El Tanque Cultural Area, designed by Fernando Martín Menis, was born from many ideas shared with the Association Amigos del Tanque, of which the architect is a member, and some complements of the team that organized the event. The KEROXEN festival is, above all, the result of a continuing love for that part of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife that several citizens have devoted years to protecting and defending’, says Dulce Xerach, lawyer and president of the Association Amigos del Tanque.

new banana orchard by fernando menis takes over old oil tank in canary islands
trees allow residents to enjoy a green environment while waiting for the rest of the vegetation to grow.

Fernando Menis’ landscape design offers a highly biodiverse green oasis in a neighborhood that is completely devoid of public green spaces. More than 700 trees were planted for this project, including cypress, showy, Roystonea Regia palms, Monstera Deliciosa, Ficus Repen and shrubs, as well as areas with aromatic plants. However, as a tribute to the ancient banana plantations that once inhabited the area, the main tree found in the area is Musa Paradisiaca. This type of tree grows fast and can reach seven meters in height, blooms in summer and needs sun direction.

“Our research studies show that this area is agriculture and the banana and tomato farms as well as tabaibas, cardones, verodes etc. are resilient and resilient. Looking at the agricultural history of Santa Cruz, which has disappeared from all coastal areas, the area around El Tanque has bananas from the Musa paradisiaca species. The vines over 90 years old are amazing people from a whole industrial age that, after preparing the soil and watering it a bit, regrows, although we sometimes forget, because the soil is the memory of the soil. Explains Fernando banana orchard by fernando menis takes over old oil tank in canary islandsImage by ©Hisao Suzuki | banana trees line the reservoir’s historic wall

Following the same reuse and recycling logic, MenisArquitectos designed lighting and furniture with waste elements. Thus, the divers’ oxygen cylinders are transformed and modeled into lamps that display a playful attitude as they resemble figures from the Minions cartoons. After all, one of the main users of the garden is children. The design follows a conscious strategy in terms of light pollution as well as irrigation of greenery provided with recycled water.

“In short, as we have an accessible plaza, which is also a new green public space, a first in the Cabo Llanos neighborhood, it evokes the agricultural history of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and, at the same time, biodiversity is restored. Ecologically reclaiming other spaces in the city and on the island. It is an action that can set an example for Highlights Dulce Xerach, attorney and president of the Los Amigos del Tanque Association.

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