Backstage photos give viewers an insight into the couple’s life together

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shared a series of exclusive photos for their Netflix series to give viewers a glimpse into their lives together.

The second installment of the Harry and Meghan documentary series kicks off with a series of unseen photos from the royal couple’s wedding, including their first dance in Land Of 1,000 Dances.

Harry can be seen plunging Meghan into a ballroom grip during the dance, and the pictures also captured the couple dancing face-to-face among their family and friends, including Sir Elton John, who swung Meghan on the dance floor.

Describing the footage, Meghan said, “Make the mashed potatoes, the alligator. This was our first dance, it was so much fun. It was just spinning like a hurricane, it was so great.”

In another image, Harry is caught laughing with actor Idris Elba, who is seen DJing in a booth with his headphones on, while in another, all the party guests are seen standing outside watching an elaborate fireworks display.

Also in the episode, footage shot by Harry at Nottingham Cottage showed Meghan dancing in the farmhouse style house with a cobbled walkway and a lemon tree by the door.

Talking about his wife dancing in a gilet and hiking boots, Harry said in the video: “Oh my God. It’s my favorite video. Someone is happy on a Thursday afternoon.”

In his documentary interview, he said: “According to people, we lived in a palace and we were. But in a cabin on the palace grounds.”

Meghan said: “Kensington Palace sounds very noble, of course there’s a palace in its name but Nottingham Country House was small. He (Harry) was so tall he used to bang his head on that floor all the time.”

Harry continued: “Everything is a bit sloping, really low ceilings, so I don’t know who was there before but they must have been very short.”

Other photos showed Meghan in a light blue shirt and baggy sun hat posing with a garden tool and Harry polishing an outside porch, while another showed Harry hugging Meghan’s beagle Guy on a white sofa.

Meghan said, “It was an episode that I thought no one would believe was what our lives were really like behind the scenes.”

Harry added: “Oprah (Winfrey) came over for tea, sat down and said ‘no one would ever believe that’.”

Later in the fourth episode, the ultrasound image of the couple’s first child, Archie, was shared.

Describing an image of Meghan and her growing belly in a home kitchen, Meghan said, “One of the things we connected with early on was that you (Harry) always wanted to be a dad and I always wanted to be a mom.”

It was shared alongside a black and white picture of the royal couple smiling while bathing their toddler Archie, and a color photo of Harry feeding his son sitting in his highchair.

The documentary also shared photos from the “beautiful” baby shower party held by her friends in New York, where Meghan is seen wearing a navy polka-dot dress and smiling while attending a flower arrangement master class.

Actress Abigail Spencer, tennis star Serena Williams and human rights lawyer Amal Clooney also attended the ceremony.

In the fifth episode of the documentary, black and white photos of Harry and Meghan, who decided to go to the USA during their “farewell week” in March 2020, were shown as they were assembling the Frogmore Cabin.

One photo shows Meghan and Harry holding hands, looking at a row of boxes and a pile of books, while in another the couple is seen staring at each other in the background among cardboard boxes.

Describing the pictures, Meghan said: “We were going through so many boxes that we were literally staring at everything saying ‘Oh my God, I miss this blanket, that hat was so funny,’ we get it all. it was bittersweet.

Other photos showed the couple staring at an album of printed photos, Harry smiling and kissing Meghan’s growing baby bump in a photo booth, and the royal couple gazing out at Queen’s Pond at Frogmore Cottage.

Describing the footage, Harry said: “We’ve always seen Archie jogging in the garden at Frogmore Cabin and maybe jumping into Queen’s Pond, all of that was part of our future and things have changed very, very quickly.

“We knew we were going to take a breather from this very painful experience we were stuck in, but it was also really sad.”

The episode also featured unseen footage of Meghan carrying baby Archie wrapped from head to toe on Vancouver Island, Canada, where it snowed in December 2019.

In another clip, Harry is shown squeezing a yellow rubber duck that blows out a candle, Archie baby giggling, and Meghan on a ladder putting lights on a large Christmas tree in Canada.

Describing a video of her walking her dog along the beach as the sun went down, Meghan said, “I loved being there, it was so peaceful. You can breathe for a minute.”

One clip showed the duke pushing Archie, who was sitting on a suitcase and giggling, across the living room floor, while another clip showed Harry jumping into the cold sea on New Year’s Eve wearing turquoise swim shorts.

“I came out refreshed, I was like 2020, what’s up,” he said.

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