Ariana Grande Asks Jennifer Coolidge Her Best Sex Ever

during a view on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, white lotus The star insisted it was Ariana’s impersonation of her on the same show in 2018 that took her professional life out of a “dead zone”.

Jennifer said at the time: “You have to know that this is kind of the beginning of so many wonderful things that have happened to me because – I don’t know – I was going through a dead zone; Not much was going on and then Ariana faked this on your show and you encouraged her and then this ball rolled.

The actor later revealed that he was encouraged by a friend to reach out to Ariana to praise the impersonation, but initially turned it down because he thought he had no chance of seeing the pop star’s message.

“I did it anyway,” Jennifer continued, “And this response came back and you see, I was on my way to her house, doing a wardrobe rehearsal for ‘Thanks U, Next.’ It was all because of Jimmy Fallon!”

As a reminder, Jennifer starred in the iconic music video for Ariana’s 2019 hit single “Thank U Next”. Bad Girls, let it comeand legal blonde.

Jennifer repeated it legal blonde the role of salon worker Paulette in the video and Jennifer returning to our screens in regular TV and movie appearances shortly after – including One All The Way, Audienceand White Lotus.

And because of Ariana’s pivotal role in arranging Jennifer’s comeback, it seemed right to be the person who interviewed the star when Entertainment Weekly gave her one of their Entertainments of the Year.

Throughout the chat that aired on Monday, Ariana couldn’t hide her excitement to talk to her “queen” – but there was one thing she particularly wanted to get into details: Jennifer’s sex life.

Just in case you missed it, Jennifer caused a social media storm earlier this year when she made the bold claim that she had slept with 200 people thanks to her role on The Stars. American Pie movie franchise.

The cult-classic sex comedy hit our screens for the first time in 1999 with films about the lives of teens Jim, Oz, Finch, Kevin and Stifler.

Jennifer took on the role of Stifler’s mother, Jeanine, who is known for her sexy appeal and is branded as “MILF”, meaning “I Want to Fuck Mom” ​​by other characters.

during an interview with Variation In August – more than thirty years later American Pie Released – Jennifer revealed that her seductive personality in the series helped her get a lot of attention in real life.

“I saw a lot of sexual acts. American Pie”she told Variety frankly. “Making that movie had a lot of benefits. There would be 200 people I would never sleep with.

And given that Ariana has never been shy about sex, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that one of the first questions she asked Jennifer on her Entertainment Weekly profile was: “Do you remember the best dick you ever got? Are you playing Stifler’s mom? Are you in touch?”

But Jennifer’s answer to it as if it were a perfectly normal question caught Ari off guard.

“Well, he was definitely the youngest man. He was just so, so charming and so weird because…” Ariana began before she interrupted: “By the way, I don’t want to impose. No pressure to share details.”

But Jennifer was more than happy to get to the heart of the matter, and even said she was “gratified” that Ariana asked the question while confirming in a Variety interview that she was exaggerating the numbers.

“I’m glad you asked that because, you see, I said it jokingly and, my god, you can’t really joke around in our town, because I made the terrible mistake of saying, ‘Thank God for that movie. I slept with 200 men,’ or whatever.” “And look, I’d like to say it’s true, but I mean, it was a bit of an exaggeration.”

Jennifer went on to clarify:[American Pie] opened the world to a much larger group of handsome boys and younger men.

In fact, one of the men with whom Jennifer had a passionate night was so young that she called her mother the next day for hairdressing advice.

“This guy was particularly young – legal, all very legal of course – but it was funny because we had to… It was a bit awkward for a moment because he…” Ariana later said reassuringly to the star: “You don’t have to answer! I just wanted to make you laugh.”

But Jennifer just ignored, “Don’t you want to know?” she asked.

“I won’t go into details,” he continued. “But then I told her I had to blow dry the next morning. So she was very young, we called her mother and asked where I could get a blow dry. What happened on the phone was so weird, it was so obvious we were in bed together.”

“I’m sure he was very excited and fascinated by the stars. I would be very excited. “Wow. Hello. What an honor to meet you!” I would say. Ariana replied.

And all goes well that ends well when Jennifer’s girlfriend’s mom tells her that “he gave her good advice at a local mall, so everything’s fine.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Jennifer admitted she would have had “a very boring decade” if it hadn’t been for the role of Stifler’s mother, who had “helped” her dating life in a way she could “never explain”.

When it comes to sexy anecdotes on Jennifer’s arms, I feel like this story is just the tip of the iceberg.

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