AOC AGM600 review: gaming mouse comes with high performance and low price

AOC AGM600 gaming mouse: key features

Grip style: Palm, Claw
Mouse button type: Kaih
buttons: 10 (programmable)
DPI: 16,000 True DPI
Connection type: wired USB
Cable length: 1.8m

The AOC AGM600 comes from AGON, AOC’s gaming controller and product line – probably best known for creating high-performance, accurate monitors for the gaming and creative industries. Peripheral offerings are expanding rapidly, with keyboards, mouse pads, headsets, and joysticks complementing an ever-increasing lineup of extremely responsive and accurate gaming mice.

A quality gaming mouse is a must for anyone looking to take their gaming to a new level, whether in first-person shooters, simulations, or more recently esports, and this mouse caters to this mouse nicely. When looking for a good gaming mouse, durability is an important factor as well as speed of use – there are often buttons that can be programmed within games and pieces of software to access more features and features, as well as higher sensitivity and DPI range. quickly. For example, speeding up a user’s gaming experience gives them a significant advantage when it comes to online competition.

(Image credit: Future / Jacob Little)

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