Andrée-Anne Barbeau : 2022, the hockey women’s année de reconnaissance


In the southwestern part of Montréal, there is a medium-sized place for you to listen to music in the Auditorium in Verdun. A lucrative person without the best pastime of hockey or simply having an outdoorsy atmosphere.

You pass through a corridor to enter Denis-Savard’s garden. Along with the gardens of Marie-Philip Poulin, Ann-Renée Desbiens and Emerance Maschmeyer and Rosalie Demers. The triple premieres shine with the brilliance of Canadian hockey women, but also gym espère and faire sa place.

The four athletes are members of the hockey professional joueuses association (PWHPA). Elles was the best humor of the introductory directives of Stéphanie Poirier, who worked as an aide in the suburb of the University of Montréal Carabiners. An elite grouping is possible at the Center at 21.02, Danièle Sauvageau project in 2019.

« The maison du maison of the women of hockey in Québec and au Canada », l’équipe nationaleuse de l’ex-entraîneuse de l’ex-entraîneuse de lance in the national en s’assoyant dance graded in the deserts. « It’s not a role, it’s one of the most important hockey games and to have a service profession. Parce qu’elles le virtue. »

Fastest feature a year after women’s hockey pays off: 2022, the return of the Olympic medal in Canada, after the end of the Americas four and its rise. Danièle Sauvageau ignited her performances at Canadiennes participating in a parfait tournament, winning a 3-2 final victory over États-Unis. But dance within the complex context of athletic preparation.

« Elles deviant jouer le match de leur vie et elles l’ont fait », resume.

In 2022, the Jeux Olympics in Salt Lake City and the 2022 points tournaments in Canada’s women’s development dance of hockey were at the end of the party, winning a national debut in 2002. or the last histoire.

« In April 2022, the premiere of the great exploratory plateau. Hockey lover or hockey enthusiast offers a lifestyle that is both lively and fun. »

The success is a tremendous plus enormous comparison with the configuration of the Suède par la masculine éliminée de l’équipe in the quarter final. He finds the funding gap of the binary programs bad, which is one of the best parts of all the women’s departments. Elles en ont remis au de September at the world championships in Denmark.

2022: L’année de Marie-Philip Poulin

The success of the national team comes from captain Marie-Philip Poulin. At the age of 31, « Capitaine Clutch » hang the biggest performances and the most important decisions, without a cue mark.

« En marquant les buts gagnants aux Jeux de 2010, 2014 et 2022, et dans deux championnats du monde en 14 mois, son nom vient marquer l’imaginaire même pour ceux qui ne l’ont jamais vu jouer », consstate Danièle Sauvageau qui la côtoie depuis près de 15 ans.

Beauceronne is a cordon in Canadiens in Montréal that has a headline of consultants and the development process. Rien de surprenant pour son ancienne entraîneuse : « C’est un joyau national et je pense qu’il faut s’en occuper ».

Batir la pyramid

Marie-Philip Poulin’s carrier suite has passed through the walls of your dream hockey professional games league league in 2023.

This right does not fail at the Force de Montréal depuis l’automne darnier, in parallel with the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF). At 21.02 she reached the Australian quarters in the Center and her son arrived with a big band on the hockey women’s croissant.

Danièle Sauvageau describes the evolution of a pyramid sport, not the foundation of hockey mine and a national team. La Force is the equivalent of the avant-dernier échelon, it could turn into Ligue America’s closest Ligue national team.

En cette saison de Ciné-cadeau, pliers à Asterix and CleopatreIt is veiled from the pyramids on Lorsque les Gaulois enfermés. It is impossible to survive in the real structure of the hockey female structure. The person can sort to make the identification. Il manque encore de Murs et d’étages.

The key is the simplest: funding and resources help all niveaux. Policy examples are in a jouer role, all of Hockey Québec and Hockey Canada.

Canadian Hockey: Reconsider the A38 formula

A stronghold of Danièle Sauvageau, Canadian Hockey’s favorite crisis of confidence is too militia to play a sport in four years.

« J’ai dû écrire sur une feuille de papier la fierté que j’ai de faire du hockey women. La fierté que j’ai de représenter mon pays. Je ne me rappelais plus pourquoi je faisais ça. »

Note the plethora of foundations to tackle the events of 2018 in London, often with nasty sexual harassment cases. It can serve the cause of millions of hockey women.

« L’incohérence de tout ça vient me fâcher au plus profond de me valeurs parce qu’on arrache des bandes pour donner des au féminin et gagner des médailles d’or », dit-elle en rappelant du même suuffle de Hokeyimportance See how perfectly enjoyable Meilleures is in the United States by funding your university.

Astérix and Obélix, family maison des, Canadian Hockey is the best of a task, not tied to some astronomical profession of future hockey players in command of the fortement. Women’s hockey is equivalent to the A38 formula, so it is a solution to regain the credibility of the national federation.

Danièle Sauvageau is nothing more than a réfléchir lorsque claiming the final term of 2023. She is a magic potion, it works best to guarantee the improvement of athletes.

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