Ambulance strikes today – live: Services will be hit as staff follow nurses’ strike to avoid paying wages

Steve Barclay faces ‘terrible damage’ to NHS by mother of sick daughter

Ambulance services are likely to take a hit today as thousands of workers in England and Wales join nurses striking for overpaid wages.

Rachel Harrison, national secretary of the GMB Association, said the government could resolve the dispute at any time.

“We have tried everything to increase salaries that are causing this dispute, but the government is not listening and will not speak up,” he said on Wednesday.

The strike will increase pressure on NHS services as hospitals say the action will put patients at risk.

The NHS Confederation, which represents national healthcare organizations, said the strike put patient safety at risk.

“We cannot guarantee patient safety, we cannot avoid risks in the context of this industrial action,” chief executive Matthew Taylor told BBC radio on Tuesday.

The government said the “very sad” strike would result in fewer ambulances on the road.

The latest strike action came as emergency and emergency care services across the country experienced peak demand and delays.


Barclay accuses unions of making ‘conscious decision’ to ‘harm’ patients

Health secretary Steve Barclay accused unions of making a “conscious decision” to “harm” patients, as thousands of ambulance personnel went out in the first of two one-day strikes.

NHS leaders have warned they cannot guarantee patient safety, while unions angrily accused the government of putting lives at risk by refusing to engage with them over pay at Tuesday’s talks.

But in it Daily TelegramMr Barclay said: “We now know that NHS contingency plans will not cover all 999 calls. Ambulance unions have made a conscious choice to harm patients.”

Union leaders insisted that the most serious calls would still be protected through a series of local agreements, and Unite secretary-general Sharon Graham described ministers’ claims that many serious calls would not be answered as “misleading” and “intentional fearmongering at worst”. ”.

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Hospitals to turn A&E patients away after declaring critical incident

NHS leaders in the West Midlands have acknowledged that patients are beginning to suffer as “excessive pressure” pushes A&Es to turn patients away regardless of whether they are admitted elsewhere. Independent appeared yesterday

Emergency services in the Worcestershire and Redditch healthcare system declared a critical incident and warned of delays in disembarking patients from ambulances to A&E.

Hospitals in the area may have to put ITU patients in corridors if pressures on A&Es and ambulances are not eased, according to an email seen by Independent.

our health correspondent rebecca thomas The full report is here:

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Railroad will be crippled for a week in January as union organizes new strike

Train drivers will stage a new strike in the first week of January, threatening an entire week of rail chaos as Britons return to work after the holiday break.

Aslef members, the machinists’ union in 15 train operators, will march on Thursday, January 5th.

Coming on top of the current strikes by RMT union members on Network Rail and 14 train operators on January 3 and 4, and January 6 and 7, which means services will be crippled for a week.

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Barclay says fulfilling payment requests will take money from frontline services

Health secretary Steve Barclay said meeting wage demands of NHS staff would divert resources from frontline services.

“These are tough times, but we fully accepted the independent NHS pay review body’s recommendations, which means most ambulance staff are getting at least a 4 percent increase,” he said.

“This would take the average earner around £47,000 per person. Further pay increases mean getting money from frontline services at a time when we are dealing with record waiting lists as a result of the pandemic.”

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Health minister urges people to be ‘extra vigilant’ on Wednesday

Health secretary Steve Barclay urged the public to be “extra vigilant” as ambulance staff strike in part to address real wages falling for a decade.

Mr Barclay described the staff layoffs in England and Wales on Wednesday as “very regrettable” and insisted that patient safety is his “number one priority”. With fewer ambulances on the way, he urged people to plan their activities “accordingly” and check on vulnerable neighbors and families.

“Our ambulance personnel are incredibly committed to their jobs and it is very sad that some union members continue their strike action. “My number one priority is to ensure the safety of patients.”

“Government and NHS colleagues are working to maintain safe staffing levels. However, due to industrial action there will be fewer ambulances on the roads and the NHS will prioritize those with life-threatening needs.

“My message to the public is that you take extra care and plan your activities accordingly. You may also want to check on your more vulnerable friends, family, and neighbors.”

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Welsh nurses union condemns government’s ‘absolute silence’

Nicky Hughes, deputy director of nursing at the Royal College of Nursing Wales, claimed that Wales health minister Eluned Morgan had rejected calls for the union to enter into negotiations about wages.

Hughes stated that nurses are ready to “continue the fight” if an agreement is not reached, adding that discussions are ongoing about what the next steps of the union will be.

“We saw such an effect throughout the day when many of our members were on the lookout lines and members of the public were very generous and supportive. I think we have the public behind us and that’s really important,” said Mrs Hughes.

“But we had absolute silence from the Welsh government. The health minister last asked us to go to a meeting as a union on the 12th of the month, and again there was nothing on the table about a meaningful salary award.

“We have repeatedly asked them to come back and start the negotiations, we even called the first secretary, Mark Drakeford, yesterday to come to the table and block today’s strike, but there was just silence.

“The Welsh government says it is because of the Westminster government, but health in Wales is a delegated issue and it falls to the Welsh government to properly manage and finance the NHS in Wales. If they don’t, we will continue to donate blood to the nurses. As it stands, the NHS is on the cutting edge.”

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NHS worker wants nurses to get ‘dignified pay for the responsibilities they hold’

Speaking outside of Heath Hospital in Cardiff, Helen Perriam, a mental health nurse for 10 years, told the PA news agency that her family was living “by paying a cheque” and called for nurses to receive “a dignified pay for their responsibilities”. [they] to hold”.

Ms Perriam accused the UK government of “confusing” nurses and said the decision not to give a larger salary increase was political.

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Union chief says ‘clock is working’ to avoid Sunak’s post-Christmas nursing strikes

Pat Cullen, secretary general of the Royal College of Nursing, warned that “time is ticking” for Rishi Sunak to enter negotiations to prevent nurses from declaring a post-Christmas strike by the end of the week.

Tuesday’s 12-hour strike, the second in less than a week, saw around 10,000 NHS nurses out of work in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with many lining up to voice concerns over pay, staff levels and patient safety.

“Today, the prime minister seemed unable to keep up with the country he was leading. But it could still be the last nurse’s strike of the premiership,” said Ms. Cullen.

“With today’s strike over, an hour works for the prime minister. We’ve got two days until Christmas to meet up and start turning this around. By Friday, we will announce the dates and hospitals for next month’s strike.

“Westminster may be closing for Christmas tonight, but nurses are gearing up for their shifts for the next two weeks and looking anxiously into the new year. We are not looking for a miracle, we are just looking for fair pay and the recognition in the prime minister’s gift.”

The RCN is calling for nurses to be given a 5 percent plus inflation pay raise. The current inflation rate in the UK is over 10 percent.

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Eight of Britain’s 10 ambulance services report critical incidents

Eight of England’s 10 ambulance services have declared critical cases as NHS leaders warned they could not guarantee patient safety in the face of thousands of paramedics’ strikes.

Ambulance services, while reporting critical incidents, said they have come under “extreme” and sustained pressure in recent days, partly to blame for the large volume of emergency 999 calls and delays in delivering patients to hospitals.

Emergency 999 calls were up 50 percent this time last year, and 111 calls were up 75 percent over the same period, according to the Southwest Ambulance Service.

You can read the full report here:

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ICYMI: Heart attack and stroke patients may be denied an ambulance during a strike

NHS officials said people who have had a heart attack or stroke at home may not be able to bring an ambulance to their homes when staff went on strike on Wednesday.

Health secretary Steve Barclay will meet with union officials on Tuesday to insist that both category 1 calls, the most urgent life-threatening cases, and category 2 calls – including heart attacks and strokes – be answered.

Members of the unions GMB, Unison and Unite will strike at ambulance services in England and Wales, but there are growing fears that emergency services will be sporadic in many parts of the country.

Read the full story below:

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