AirTag security features thwart repeated attempts by the Iowa man to follow

Apple’s security measures around the AirTag item tracker continue to work as intended. A new report from Iowa says a man has been arrested for trying to track down a person he claims to be married to. However, the victim told investigators that “the two never had a relationship” and the man was prevented from calling and texting them.

AirTag security features kick in to protect the victim

Carl Steven Shawver, 63, tried to stalk the victim on three separate occasions, according to a local news source. Keloland. He first placed an AirTag on the spare tire in the victim’s car because he “believed the victim was having an affair.” The victim was alerted to the AirTag thanks to Apple’s built-in security measures that alerted them to the AirTag acting with them.

The victim then went to the Bettendorf, Iowa police department to report that they were being tracked by an AirTag. Seeing that the AirTag location was in the police department, Shawver later showed up and told officers that the victim “thought he was having an affair at the police station, so he went to the police station to look for them.”

Apparently no arrests were made at this point in the case. But then the victim was warned of a second AirTag tracking their location. West Des Moines Police officers found this AirTag “stuck in a wallet and a plastic sandwich bag that rests on the spare tire.”

The victim was later informed third AirTag that tracks their location. At this point, the victim took his car to a repair shop, where a car lift was used to search for the device. At this point, Shawver got more creative and said, “The AirTag was placed on the undercarriage of the car, next to the front passenger tire, wrapped in plastic and in a plastic box.”

At this point, all three AirTags were placed as evidence in the police department and Shawver came back to the department after checking the location of the AirTags.

According to court records, an officer from the West Des Moines Police Department turned all the AirTags into evidence and saw Shawver in his vehicle in the station parking lot as he did so. According to court records, the officer then stopped a traffic at Shawver, and during the stop, Shawver told the officer that he and the victim had agreed to meet at the station.

According to court records, although Shawver told police that he and the victim were married, the two never had an affair, and the victim prevented Shawver from calling and texting them.

Shawver is being held at Polk County Penitentiary on a $3,000 bail and a preliminary hearing will be held on Dec.

This is another example of Apple’s advanced AirTag security features in action. In this example, the features worked not once, not twice, but three times as expected. Apple announced a host of new security features in February to alleviate AirTag tracking concerns, and since then we’ve seen the features kick in to protect users time and again.

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