8+ Best Cricut Knifes for Arts and Crafts in 2022

Looking for the best Cricut knives for your creative crafting? If so, we’ve got you covered!

Cricut is an electronic cutting device that can punch designs from a variety of materials, including vinyl, cardstock, paper and cardboard transfers. It can even work on leather and wood!

What’s more, Cricut machines can also be used to cut almost anything that would normally be cut with scissors and really sharp blades.

However, using the right Cricut knife is essential to complete a clean project.

All things considered, let’s review the best Cricut knives of 2022!

8 Best Circuit Knives of 2022

  1. Cricut Premium Fine Point Knife — Best Cricut Knife Comprehensive
  2. Cricut Fine Embossing Tip — Best Cricut Knife for paper projects
  3. HQMaster Deep Cut Blade Replacement Blade — Best Spare Cricut Knife Protected
  4. Cricut Deep Point Knife — Best Cricut Knife for Relatively Hard Surfaces
  5. Cricut Basic Perforation Knife QuickSwap Housing — Best Cricut Knife Quick Change Housing
  6. Cricut QuickSwap Wave Blade — Best Cricut Knife for Wavy Effects
  7. Cricut Joy Replacement Blade — Best Cricut Spare Blade
  8. Cricut Transfer KIT FOIL — Best Cricut Knife for Luminous Projects

Best Circuit Blades of 2022

  1. Cricut Premium Fine Point Knife

Cricut Premium Fine Tip Knife

One of the most important Cricut consumables to always have on hand is a few spare blades. Manufactured using premium German carbide steel, the gold-coloured premium Fine-Point edges are designed to make intricate cuts in a variety of non-durable and medium-weight materials, including paper, cardstock, banner board, vinyl and iron-on. While there are non-Cricut replacement blades available at a lower price, we still recommend using Cricut’s own for quality assurance.

2. Cricut Fine Embossing Tip

Cricut Tip, Slim Quick-Change Relief

Make your paper crafts more expressive by adding vibrant, delicately embossed designs. This rolling relief ball has a greater range of motion than folders that tie you to certain designs. This gives you the freedom to customize, customize and design anything that interests you with incredible complexity. With this pick, you can make a monogrammed dimensional wedding card, thank you card, gift box accent and more!

3. HQMaster Deep Cut Blade Spare Blade

HQMaster Deep Cut Blade Spare Blade

The HQMaster Deep Cut Blade is compatible with Explore, Explore One, Explore Air and Explore Air 2 machines, making it a must-have for any serious Cricut user. Durable and precise German carbide steel is used to make the premium deep-cut blade and guard. The premium deep-cut cutting blade also works well in DIY projects.

4. Cricut Deep Point Knife

Cricut Provo Deep

This knife is best for cutting thicker materials such as specialty papers, heavy cardstock and poster board. Particleboard, hardened felt and dense cardboard are just a few of the tougher materials this little miracle can slide through. It can even cut magnetic materials!

The steeper angle of this blade attachment (60 degrees as opposed to the standard 45 degrees) allows it to penetrate even further into these tough materials.

5. Cricut Basic Perforation Knife QuickSwap Housing

best cricut knives

You can quickly and easily make precise perforation cuts for a variety of projects. Ideal for tear-off projects such as homemade diaries, booklet pages, lottery tickets and much more. It can also be used to cut paper, card, foil and select fabric!

6. Cricut QuickSwap Wavy Blade

Cricut QuickSwap Wavy Knife

The Cricut Wavy Blade gives any design a whimsical wavy edge in half the time of a draw blade. When you need beautifully machined edges and stylish design accents, this specially shaped stainless steel blade is ideal for original stickers, envelopes, cards, gift tags and collage projects.

7. Cricut Joy Replacement Blade

Cricut Joy Spare Blade

With this Cricut knife, you can prepare whatever you want, whenever you want. This sharp blade is built to withstand wear, tear and breakage and makes any project, no matter how big or small, a breeze. Be sure to change the blade as needed for best results.

8. Cricut Transfer KIT FOIL

Cricut Transfer KIT FOIL

The Cricut Transfer KIT FOIL can be maximized to embellish a variety of projects including invitations, gift boxes and cards. Coming with three interchangeable fine, medium and coarse tips, this one-of-a-kind pressure-activated system makes it easy to achieve brilliant professional results that are sure to last.

Best Circuit Blades of 2022

All in all, the best Cricut knives in 2022 are knives that make it easy to get your projects done, no matter what and how they look. As a result, the best Cricut knife for you may not be exactly the same as someone else’s.

All things considered, we hope our selection of the best products in this category will help you develop creative projects hassle-free!

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