57 Acting Roles Celebrities Had Before They Become Celebrities

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which actors were surprised to find out which actors were in ~that~ drama or movie before they became famous. Here are the wild results.


Austin Butler got his start as an unnamed extra (later “Zippy Brewster”) at Nickelodeon’s. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

Here’s what Austin Butler looks like now:


Glen Powell’s first acting credit was “The Long Fingered Boy.” Crazy Boys 3: Game Over.

Here’s what Glen Powell looks like now:


Tyler James Williams made his television debut Sesame Street.

Here’s what Tyler James Williams looks like now:


Elisabeth Moss made her screen debut as a girl with a cat stuck in a tree opposite Hulk Hogan. Suburban Commando.

Here’s what Elisabeth Moss looks like now:


Jason Momoa’s first acting performance was as Jason Loane in 44 episodes. Coast GuardFrom Season 10.

Here’s what Jason Momoa looks like now:


Ashley Tisdale played a student. Donnie Darko at the age of 16.

Here’s what Ashley Tisdale looks like now:


Rainn Wilson played Lahnk. galaxy questfirst movie.

Here’s what Rainn Wilson looks like now:


Scarlett Johansson played Alex’s older sister, Molly. Home Alone 3.

Here’s Scarlett Johansson as she is now:


Cameron Monaghan played a traffic cop genie in the blink of an eye. Santa Clause 3: Escape Clause.

Here’s what Cameron Monaghan looks like now:


Molly Shannon’s second ever TV concert was in several episodes. Vivid Color.

Here’s what Molly Shannon looks like now:


Octavia Spencer played Cynthia, one of Drew Barrymore’s co-workers. never been kissed.

Here’s what Octavia Spencer looks like now:


Zac Efron appeared on the short-lived WB series. Summer land.

This is what Zac Efron looks like now:


Leonardo DiCaprio was an unnamed extra. roseanneShe plays one of Darlene’s classmates for a single episode.

Here’s Leo DiCaprio as he is now:


Jena Malone played Susan Sarandon’s daughter in the iconic movie. Stepmother.

Here’s what Jena Malone looks like now:


Zachary Quinto played a TV commercial director in one episode of the series. Lizzie McGuire.

Here’s what Zachary Quinto looks like now:


Ryan Gosling’s first two acting credits were in one episode. Are you afraid of the dark? (in 1995) and one episode goosebumps (in 1996).

Ryan Gosling looks like this now:


Aubrey Plaza’s first television appearance was a one-line NBC Page. 30 Rock.

Here’s what Aubrey Plaza looks like now:


Alanna Ubach made her screen debut as Maria. Sister Act 2: Back to the Habit.

Alanna Ubach looks like this now:


Kaley Cuoco played Elisa in the Disney Channel movie. Stray Cats Strike.

Here’s what Kaley Cuoco looks like now:


Kevin McHale was a student at PCA in two divisions. Zoey 101.

Here’s what Kevin McHale looks like now:


Emmy Rossum played Claire in the Disney Channel movie. Genius.

This is what Emmy Rossum looks like now:


Ben Affleck played an unnamed basketball player. Buffy the vampire hunter film.

Here is Ben Affleck’s current state:


Jennifer Lawrence’s first acting role was as the school mascot in one episode. monk.

Jennifer Lawrence looks like this now:


James Marsden appeared in two episodes of the series. nanny.

Here’s what James Marsden looks like now:


Jon Huertas played Brad, a witch hunter/Harvey Kinkle’s best friend. Young Witch Sabrina.

Here’s what Jon Huertas looks like now:


Adam Scott played new boy/bully Griff Hawkins in several episodes of the series. Boy Meets the World.

Here’s what Adam Scott looks like now:


Danielle Fishel played Jennifer P., one of Stephanie Tanner’s classmates in two episodes of the series. Full house.

Here’s what Danielle Fishel looks like now:


Dianna Agron played a girl who can fit an entire fist in her mouth. Drake and Josh.

Here’s what Diana Agron looks like now:


Amy Adams appeared in a single episode of the series. Charmed in one of her first acting credits.

Here’s what Amy Adams looks like now:


John Cho played a parking valet. The Flintstones at Viva Rock Vegas.

Here’s what John Cho looks like now:


Rachel McAdams played Riley’s sister in a very emotional episode of Disney Channel. Celebrity Jett Jackson.

Here’s what Rachel McAdams looks like now:


Kevin Hart played a cameraman. Polly Arrived.

Here’s what Kevin Hart looks like now:


Jessica Alba was a school bully. The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Here’s Jessica Alba as she is now:


Sara Ramírez was the cashier. You’ve got mail.

Sara Ramírez looks like this now:


Elijah Wood has been referred to as the “video game boy”. Back to the Future Part II.

Here’s what Elijah Wood looks like now:


Simon Helberg played a nerdy student who falls in love with Hilary Duff’s character. Cinderella story.

Here’s what Simon Helberg looks like now:


Kat Dennings played Claire in the spooky Disney Channel movie. Scream Team.

Here’s what Kat Dennings looks like now:


Don Cheadle appeared in a single episode of the series. The Young Prince of Bel-Air.

Here’s what Don Cheadle looks like now:


Maggie Wheeler was a camp counselor – aka Marva Jr. Parent Trap.

This is what Maggie Wheeler looks like now:


Hugh Laurie actually Spice World.

Here’s what Hugh Laurie looks like now:


Julie Bowen played Virginia. Happy Gilmore.

Here’s what Julie Bowen looks like now:


Laurence Fishburne was 14 when he lied about his age to get the role of a soldier. apocalypse now.

This is what Laurence Fishburne looks like now:


Taran Killam was Frankie Muniz’s bully. Big Liar.

Here’s what Taran Killam looks like now:


Kristen Stewart got an extra 0.3 seconds on the Disney Channel. Thirteenth Year.

Here’s what Kristen Stewart looks like now:


Michael Cera starred in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s iconic movie Change the purpose.

This is what Michael Cera looks like now:


Eric Stonestreet played a hotel receptionist in 10 seconds of the movie. almost famous.

Here’s what Eric Stonestreet looks like now:


Steve Carell played a security guard in the much-underestimated movie. boarding stay.

Here’s what Steve Carell looks like now:


Abigail Breslin was the little girl in the parade. Princess Diaries 2.

Here is Abigail Breslin as she is now:


Noel Fisher played the bully Max Keeble’s Big Move.

This is what Noel Fisher looks like now:


In the original movie, Joe Manganiello was Peter Parker’s bully. Spider Man.

Here’s what Joe Manganiello looks like now.


Angela Bassett became a flight attendant in about two seconds. Kindergarten Police.

Here’s what Angela Bassett looks like now:


Mike O’Malley was the host of Nickelodeon. Global Courage.

Here’s what Mike O’Malley looks like now:


Selena Gomez played a boy for two years. Barney and Friends.

Selena Gomez looks like this now:


Kate Berlant had a line as “Student Number 2” at her first acting gig in her history. Lizzie McGuire.

Here’s what Kate Berlant looks like now:


Ryan Reynolds was the love interest of the series. Young Witch Sabrina telefilm.

Here’s what Ryan Reynolds looks like now:


Katherine Heigl starred in Disney’s TV movie Make a wish.

Here’s what Katherine Heigl looks like now:


And Adam Sandler started out as Smitty The Cosby Show.

Here is Adam Sandler’s current state:

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