3 Apple rumors that never materialized in 2022

The Apple rumor mill is constantly in motion, something we at Creative Bloq are very grateful for. We like to imagine what might come next for the tech powerhouse, and our readers are pretty keen on speculative articles, too. Anything seems possible when discussing the next iteration of Apple’s various product lines, so even the wildest rumors are never off the table.

However, we are often disappointed. Not every hot rumor can be true; Imagine what a modified MacBook would look like if it contained every whisper you’ve ever heard. This year, there were three Apple rumors that we were particularly attached to but unfortunately did not bear fruit. So buckle up as we embark on an “if” journey (and check out the best Apple deals when you’re done).

Wireless charging for iPad

you would need a bigger mat (Image credit: Getty Images)

As soon as we learned that Apple was about to launch a new iPad lineup in 2022, rumors started flying. And the most surprising news came courtesy of Apple leaker Mark Gurman.

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