2023 Core77 Design Awards Starts on January 9th

The start of a new year also marks the beginning of Core77’s annual design awards competition, which is open for the introductory period. Now in its 12th year, the Core77 Design Awards is a historic competition that will surely draw international attention and add to your design legacy.

The launch of the 2023 awards season comes with 8 new categories and 2 special awardsin total 25 award categories potentially winnable. Each category is judged by the esteemed Jury Captains and their chosen team members, giving designers the opportunity to present their work to the best of the best in their fields. Past Core77 Design Awards Jury Captains have included industry leaders such as Airbnb Partner Joe Gebbia, Founding Director of FOOD New York Dong-Ping Wong, Champions of Design Co-Founder and Hillary for America 2016 Design Director Jennifer Kinon, Founder of dreams • design + life. Kevin Bethune, Girls Garage Founder Emily Pilloton and many more.

Let’s take a look at a few projects that received awards in 2022 and served as inspiration for your entry this year:

A commercial coffee machine that saves 200 million paper filters from going to landfills

Taking home the Professional Winner award in the 2022 Commercial Equipment category, Starbucks’ Clover Vertica™ brewing technology is a smart solution to reducing industry waste. Built for Starbucks locations, this on-demand brewer helps brewers move from producing bulk coffee to brewing on demand, which will reduce the company’s waste of brewed coffee by 70%. The fine metal mesh filter inside the machine also eliminates the need for paper filters, meaning 200 million paper filters are eliminated annually in our 33,000 stores.

Device that creates a sense of privacy in crowded home areas

As homes have become more crowded since the beginning of the pandemic, there is a great need for ways to find privacy while working from home. NORA, a wearable designed by Niels van Gils, Yuan Hong and Heinrich Zaunschirm and winning the 2022 Student Home & Living Award, helps individuals create their own “personal balloon”, with active noise canceling, a foldable hoodie to create a visual sense of privacy. and integrated heated pads for added comfort.

Intelligently designed 4-in-1 shoe

Munjoi’s All-Dai Shoe is the 2022 Professional Winner in the Personal Accessories category, responding to overproduction of shoes by creating a 4-in-1 solution for your closet. The product does an excellent job of combining mules, open-toe sneakers, sandals, and traditional sneakers into one stylish form without making it feel gimmicky. Sneakers are also a more sustainable shoe option, as they’re made from a plant-based EVA comprised of cotton and hemp, as well as algae waste and sugarcane for foam cushioning.

An elegant rebranding concept for a crucial government agency

Erin Harpur’s CDC Rebranding Project, which won the 2022 Visual Communication Student Winner Award, brings a modern yet timeless sensibility to the Center for Disease Control’s brand identity; It’s an approach that could potentially help disseminate important factual information and interact with the general population.

Mark your calendars! The awards will be collected again on Monday, January 9, 2023. Find out more about the 2023 awards now at designawards.core77.com.

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